Wimbleball Fishing Overview

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Secluded within the rolling Exmoor hills you will find our 374 acre lake,  a great expanse of water with bays, tree lined inlets & shallows waiting to be discovered, explored & fished.

Initially Wimbleball can seem a quite formidable body of water to fish, but unlike some large still waters if you follow the landscape & contours you will soon identify the varying depths & fish holding areas, the rewards can be very satisfying.

The quality of our stocked Rainbow trout, not to mention the very decent head of wild brown trout found all over the reservoir, keep our anglers coming back for more exhilarating sport.

There are great hatches of flies throughout the season providing fantastic sport both subsurface and on top of the water.  There is also a mayfly hatch in the summer which is a spectacle

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