• Fly fishing only


  • All anglers must be in possession of a valid fishing permit & an environment rod licence before commencing fishing.


  • Anglers on a 5 fish ticket must stop fishing once they have caught their 5th fish, if they want to continue fishing catch & Release then they should be using Barbless hooks. 


  • When fishing catch & release, the first two fish caught must be kept, after this Barbless hooks must be used.


  • All anglers must complete their catch returns, so we can monitor fish stocks. Catch reports can be completed online or placed  in the permit office or the boxes located around the lake, at Bessoms car park just across the cattle grid, by the style between Bessoms & the bridge & at Ruggs car park.


  • Life jackets to be worn at all times when on the pontoon & in the boat, all life jackets must be returned to the permit office at the end of the day.


  • Boat Anglers – No Trolling


  • Boat Anglers to keep a minimum of 50 metres from any bank angler


  • For safety reasons please do not stand in your boat whilst fishing


  • Fishing is not permitted within the nature reserve


  • Fish to always be landed using a net.


  • When fishing catch & release ensure all trout returned are supported in the water & allowed adequate time to recover


  • If photographing fish to be released, keep them close over water at all times & keeping any time out of the water to a minimum


  • Wading is permitted by bank anglers but be aware of areas with steep banks into deep water


  • All wild Brown trout to be released


Important additional information

The permit office is open but is cash or cheque only, we therefore recommend that if possible you make use of our online booking system.

When using the permit office sink & weighing in facility, please leave it as you find it, please do not clean fish in the sink or leave any fish waste in the bins…

Toilet facilities are available next to the Permit office.

Our fishery ranger will issue you a boat on your arrival at the pontoon, between 8am & 9am, please be patient & respect social distancing if they are busy with other anglers.

If you are unable to make the time to collect your boat please call us to let us know so we can make arrangements to get you on the water,  if you arrive late and haven’t contacted us to make arrangements your boat may not be ready for you.

Please note although cars will be allowed to park or drop off in the area by the boat pontoon, once unloaded please park in the anglers car park, nearby as directed by the fishery ranger. Further the main gate to the boats is padlocked at the end of the day around 5pm. The code to the gate padlock can be found in the permit office or you can contact us for the code.

Please be mindful of others on arrival to the car park & allow time for others to unload. Where this is not possible, please find a space next to a vacant vehicle.