Early July Fishing Update

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Catch Return & Report from Nigel Evans

Just spent Saturday and Sunday at Wimbleball staying at the George inn.
We went out on the Saturday in our boat to a light SW wind in the direction of Ruggs and Bessoms, first cast was deep water off bessoms with DI 8 booby basher, with two cormorants and a yellow eyed cormorant booby. My partner Mark Wheeler who had a full Di8 same flies. We were on the drogue so moving the whole time.
Counting down twenty and then slowly pollying back it was a few minutes before I had a take,which slammed my rod down on to the edge of the boat, with the fish heading for the bottom at great speed. A few seconds later it got off!
Minutes later I hooked another one, same again, it took off for the bottom at great speed, this time I was able to get it in, hook removed and returned safely. At a guess 4lbs rainbow. We continued to mouth of Ruggs with odd pulls, we went back and did the drift again and lost several more.
We then headed for Cowmoor bay as a change of scenery and fortune, on entering cowmoor we could see a couple of boats at the top of the bay at anchor so decided to investigate further. As we approached the boats we saw both boats take fish, on light coloured lines. We changed over to floating lines, Mark on a beetle with nymphs, washing line. I had seen the odd fish move and opted for dries. I caught one first cast after seeing it move, it fought strongly and almost got me to my backing, a nice 2lb fish shortly after had another. I then cast towards the edge of water close to the bank, this fish went nuts!! And took an age to get in, my best fish of the day 4lbs + .
I had 10 fish to the boat on day one mark had one. Point of note we hooked and lost twice or many as we landed.
Coming off the water at 7.30 so as to eat at the George Inn, had a great stake meal and some wine.
Sunday started bright with light wind from the SW and headed straight up to cowmoor few fish were moving, and again we saw the big Coch y bonddu was still coming off albeit very few.
Mark opted to fish beetle pattern with nymphs again, this time the fish were taking the beetle in the surface film. Mark never lost a fish for most of the day many to the beetle and a few to black buzzer with orange cheeks. I went on to straight line with three nymphs diawl Bach and black buzzer, I had a bit of a mare, loosing many fish in play, while mark caught.
We decided to check out the Upton arm and dam after touring the arm we saw a boat catch at the dam, a good fish of some five pounds + on a lead core line. The wind had picked up significantly and was now coming from the SE, we decided to head back to cowmoor to finish the day. On arriving back, mark took three very quick on his beetle pattern, I managed a few takes. Mark then caught on the orange wing bud buzzer as applies to the beetle.
Two great days of fishing with different techniques employed. Mark was shocked at how hard the fish fought.
End of second day mark had 9 I had 5.
I’ll be back there soon, big shout out to Mark on the quality of the fish and to Trudi and staff for a great stay over.

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