Mid July Fishing Report

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The rain & cooler weather is certainly helping to bring the fish back to the surface levels but they are still enjoying munching on the blobs over more traditional fayre!
The hotspots are still in the South end of the lake with concentrations of fish in the area between Valentines, the Dam & the Upton Arm. Fish however are not as many would expect deep near the dam, they are near the line of bubbles but only a couple of feet down. Over the coming days/weeks if temperatures remain cooler we will expect them to start migrating around the lake & certainly towards the margins & to the benefit of bank anglers.
Most fish now coming to tactics in the surface 2 to 3 feet of water, so intermediate lines and sink tips are working well & we have also had the first catch return with a catch on a dry daddy longlegs from Bessoms!
The bigger fish are are also starting to hit the fry around the margins, so that’s going to be fun…

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