Goldhead Tadpole

Something Black & mobile, whether a leech imitation, nymph or woolly bugger, these style of flies always do well throughout the season & especially early in the year.

Golden olive quill wet fly

A great fly for the Brownies in the Upton Arm, fished under the overhanging trees can be deadly, works well in June when the Mayflies are hatching too…

Blue Flash Damsel

A great fly all year round fly, fished on a floating line with a long leader around the margins can be deadly…



Viva Wooly bugger

A great fly for early & late season, usually fished on an intermediate or sinking line, with a reasonably fast retrieve can be deadly for over wintered fish & stockies alike.



Booby Blob tequila sunrise

A great fly for use on the top dropper as an attractor or on the point with a team of buzzers washing line style



The Appetiser

Introduced back in the 70’s by the late Bob Church, an iconic Stillwater fly seen as a surface fry pattern & very effective too, recommended as a heritage fly by Wimbleball angler Alan Riddell.



Foam body Hawthorn fly

A great pattern especially for the hawthorn hatches we get in late Spring around the lake, also works well during the evening rise & fished  underneath overhanging trees.



Hot spot Diawl Bach

Diawl Bach’s in general are a bread & butter type fly for large still waters like Wimbleball, often work well as a team & try different variations, a floating line or sink tip are recommended.


The Coch Y Bonddu beetle

It isn’t about for long, but when it hatches the fishing will be great & the trout will remember them for weeks afterwards. This small beetle usually hatches through May and June with good hatches in Bessoms, Ruggs, Cow moor & the Upton arm  this foam backed version is a great pattern to fish as a dry fly.