Wimbleball Stocking Policy 2024

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Wimbleball Stocking Policy 2024

Our aim is to provide Wimbleball anglers with the very best fishing experience throughout the whole season, however, there are a few important factors to take into consideration.


July & August can prove difficult & unpredictable, very dependent on water & temperature levels, we know our anglers like to fish a floating line as often as possible, even when the trout are 50ft down as we have a very deep lake & although good for the fish quality, the warmer weather can make bank fishing much more challenging.


Therefore, I have decided to increase substantially our stocking between March & the end of June, but of course continue to stock appropriate numbers in July & August. We feel by doing this, we will make the good fishing so much better, spread the fish more evenly & consequently significantly increase the catch returns.


We have also put in place some fantastic fishing break deals linked with the George Inn, so if you are thinking about coming for a few days fishing make sure you check out our great deals on the website, while we still have spaces.